Community Support Request Form

Doc’s Bar & Grill Community Support Request Form

Doc’s Bar & Grill is a proud supporter of many local events and charities. We receive many requests throughout the year and in order to consider each fairly and equitably, we request that you provide the following information. Since we prefer active participation with our community involvement, we do not make cash donations. Please include any materials on the event or the charity (i.e. flyers, request letters etc.) and please complete the form 30 days before your event so we can properly consider supporting your cause.

Name of Event:

Date of Event:


Contact Person:




Event Description:

Name of Charity/ Benefactor:

Is this a 501(c)3 organization? Yes – No;                  If yes, Tax ID #

Number of Participants Expected:

Amount Expected to be Raised:

Donation Requested:

How will the donation be used?

TO BE COMPLETED BY Doc”s Bar & Grill:
Date Received: Received By:
Donation Form Accepted? Yes –  No Comments:
Donated Item:                                                               Value:
Donation Picked-up By:                                             Date:


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